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If you adopt unique basement room ideas, your basement Room will never become the most neglected one. The room in the basement can be the most lucrative one if you execute a proper plan. The basement is a special space in the house, a special environment that some people like very much while others tend to avoid it as much as possible. It can be used as storage space.  Besides, it can also be used as an extra living space or as a family room. All possibilities are possible. It all depends on the type of layout already in this place and the extent of the work you are willing to undertake.  The first step is to take stock of the premises and see which projects are the most urgent according to your tastes and needs. Is your basement finished? Is it adapted and welcoming so that you can use it as a living space? Can you make rooms in your basement? You will need to ask yourself these questions before you start anything. In this article, we are giving you the unique and amazing basement room ideas. Amazing Tips On Basement Room Ideas Improving Lighting And Brightness Very often, the first issue you want to address is that of brightness, especially if you decide that the basement will be a living space or room that will serve a lot. There are two main ways to do this:

  • Optimize natural light;

  • Add artificial lighting.

After that, it will also depend on the layout you make. Are you going to add or remove walls? Are you going to change the decoration? When it comes to the question of lighting, several factors come into the scene. Some very simple actions can have a big impact. For example, there are decorative elements that can help make the space brighter, such as mirrors, metal surfaces or light-coloured walls. When it comes to artificial lighting, there is a multitude of options. Start by making an efficient lighting plan before buying your fixtures. That way, you will make smart purchases and be better able to create balanced lighting that will enhance your rooms in the basement. A Colour Palette To Transform Your Decor The colour palette primarily involves the decor of the room, but it can also affect the brightness and make the room seem more comfortable or spacious. Taking the time to choose a colour palette will help you to better target your choices, particularly with regard to the decor, but also for other elements such as building materials, doors, windows and floors. You can create a "mood board" with this colour palette, bringing together different examples of decorations that you like. Then you can choose your furniture and materials and carry out the work to transform your space. Room Temperature One of the problems that often recurs in basements is that of room temperature. It is too hot, too cold, too humid or, if you have a wood stove, too dry. Because of the lack of ventilation and the proximity to the ground, it is not easy to manage the temperature. However, some work can help you maintain a pleasant environment. For example, you can change the insulation material or make other types of installations to improve thermal insulation. So be very wise to improve thermal insulation. You should take assistance from the expert in this regard. In fact, whatever basement room ideas you are going to follow, you cannot make the best one unless you ensure a soothing temperature.  The Soundproofing Of The Basement Would you like to transform your basement into a music room or home theatre? Soundproofing will become one of your concerns. Often, you will be advised to focus on the ceiling if you want to prevent noise from reaching the first floor. That being said, you will also want to consider other soundproofing techniques, such as blocking noise leaks, installing drywall or sealing doors and windows. You must select the best home soundproofing materials. There are actually some great techniques to use those materials in your basement room to make it soundproof. For these circumstances, you must opt for assistance and advice from the experts.  Spatial planning: building or demolishing partitions The basement often has a reputation for being rather dark and cluttered. However, a simple set of fittings can make all the difference, giving the impression that the rooms are larger than they are. Yes, these basement room ideas, you should follow to transform your basement into a greater place. For example, glass doors, alternating light and textured walls, and columns to replace walls can be used. You can choose French doors instead of solid doors to let light in. However, if your plan is to knock down walls, do not take it lightly! You may have to deal with load-bearing walls, which must be treated in a special way to ensure that they do not interfere with the structure of the house. While setting up rooms or renovating rooms in the basement, you must not forget about the load-bearing the walls. Otherwise, you may bring a great disaster for your building. Creating A Multifunctional Space The basement is the place of all possibilities. Want to create a giant bedroom? A home office? A hair salon? You can combine all your needs in this space by creating a multifunctional layout. For example, the room can be an office during the day and a space to practice music in the evening. You just need to think about the layout according to what you're going to do. Create A Recreational Space Often, beyond simple storage space, the basement is devoted to pleasant activities such as building a playroom, home theatre or music studio. How many people have memories associated with spending part of their childhood watching television or playing video games in the basement? The privacy and comfort of this space are conducive to creating a space that is dedicated to recreation. Why not dedicate some or all of your basement to create a place where you can enjoy your favourite hobbies? Make Sure That The Walls And Foundations Are Waterproof To prevent the rooms in the basement from becoming too damp and mouldy, you should perform a water tightness inspection. Look for cracks in the interior walls and foundation walls and if so, test to see if they are active or passive and if they are letting water in. If you have a French drain, you will also need to see if it is in good condition. You must protect your building against humidity and water and this is one of the main reasons why you should go for waterproofing the floor. You know what? Making your foundations waterproof refers that you are extending the life of the concrete in your building. Check The Air Quality Lack of ventilation in the rooms in basement can affect air quality. Beyond odour and dust issues, there are some very harmful effects that can have an impact on the health of the occupants. For example, the presence of radon gas is a problem that occurs in many homes in different cities.  This gas is very harmful and because it is heavier than air, it tends to accumulate in lower spaces such as the basement room. Painless and colourless, radon gas penetrates the interior of houses from the dirt, through cracks and less well-insulated areas. Unfortunately, radon causes many health problems, including cancer and lung problems. Therefore, it is very important that you spend time testing the air quality in your basement, especially if you decide to convert it into a living space.  Install A Comfortable Floor When transforming a basement into living space or rooms, the floor is one of the main elements to consider. Given the different characteristics of the basement (subfloor, humidity level, comfort), certain materials such as hardwood are not recommended. To make the floor a comfortable one, you can follow these tips: Basement Room Ideas: Comfortable Floor

  1. You can select the cork floor. The cork, in fact, comes from the bark of cork oak. Such material is found in the forms of rolls, tiles, and floating covers. Its installation often requires the installation of a vapor barrier membrane beforehand. In order to install the floor pieces, special glue must be used. 

  2. Ceramic materials can also be a good selection. Ceramics includes all the materials resulting from the high-temperature solidification of minerals (earth, clay, mineral glasses, etc.). In terms of flooring, it is mostly porcelain and tiling. The resistance of these materials is determined by their grade: the higher it is, the more the material will resist wear. For floors, it is recommended to choose a coating whose grade is between 2 and 5. The installation of ceramic will require cement, grout and sometimes final varnishing.

  3. The concrete floor is another one of the brilliant basement room ideas. This type of floor is very popular.

  4. Linoleum is a floor covering based on natural and renewable compounds such as linseed oil and cork powder. It is found in the form of a tile and a roll. Its installation is quite complex and a protective layer is often applied over it to protect it from scratches.

  5. Vinyl is a floor covering sold in the form of sheets, planks or tiles. It is often confused with linoleum, but it is a little more expensive than the latter. It can be installed directly on several materials such as ceramic, concrete or wood. This material is very resistant, easy to maintain and withstands water damage well. 

  6. The carpet is made from synthetic or natural fibres. Its installation is relatively simple. However, make sure that the sub-floor is smooth and clean: a rubber underlay can sometimes be practical.

Bottom Lines: We believe that if you follow our tips on the basement room ideas, you can transform your basement into a unique way which will be appreciated by all. Yes, your friends, family members, and your guests will appreciate, Above all, you will feel very relaxed and satisfied spending your quality time in the basement rooms.

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