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Basement Apartment is, in fact, a challenging one. It is not always easy to turn a basement into an apartment. However, you can turn your basement into an amazing apartment with a proper plan with proper guidance. Investing in the basement apartment is actually a great idea. It is beneficial for you in many ways.  This article aims to provide you with everything you need to know before you get started to turn your basement into a magnificent apartment. You may decide to rent the space or use it for your children or parents. However, you need to make sure that your project is feasible. You know what? You must follow the rules of the building code and the municipality. Above all, you also need to make the most of your space with appropriate and organized plans, which will provide you with a long term profit.

Feasible Basement Apartment Before going ahead with your project, you must first check the specific regulations of your municipality. Some municipalities are favourable to basement conversions into housing. However, others prohibit it. Consulting your municipality first will help you avoid spending money unnecessarily and will help you plan your budget based on the mandatory elements. Simply putting in a kitchen and bathroom is not enough to declare the place habitable. In fact, an inspection will be required at the end of the work to ensure that the required elements are in place. Once you are certain that you can convert your basement into a dwelling and you have the regulations and technical specifications for your area, the next step is to design the plans. Besides, you need to execute the plan.

Designing The Plans For The Basement Unit To draw up the plans for your future apartment, you will need the help of an architect, technologist or engineer. Make sure that the professionals you hire are members of their respective orders and have the required licenses. It is essential to use certified professionals to ensure that you get plans that meet standards. Once you have the completed plans, you can then apply for the necessary permit. And after the permission, you can start with the work. Obviously, you will begin the work with a basement contractor. You will not get permission without the plans, hence the importance of leaving this work to qualified people who are experienced with this type of project is the most important task of your plan. Specifications Required To Transform Your Basement Into An Apartment As mentioned above, several specifications or facilities are required depending on the city you live in. For example, the height of the ceiling is taken into account. If it is too low, you will not be able to fit out an apartment. Then, there must be the necessary emergency exits, measures against the spread of fire and adequate soundproofing.

Emergency Exits The provision of emergency exits is crucial when converting your basement into a habitable dwelling. Nothing should obstruct the exit to the outside. Depending on your location, requirements regarding size and quantity will be assigned to you. Ideally, you will have an independent entrance to the dwelling. If there is not already one prior to conversion, the addition will significantly increase the renovation budget. This entrance is still worth the investment because future tenants will be happy to have their privacy and so will you. Again, remember that you need an access door to convert your apartment into an apartment.

Fire Protection Measures In addition to the emergency exits, other elements will have to be installed to ensure a safe environment. Typically, municipalities require that doors and windows be fire-rated to prevent the spread of flames, if applicable. In addition, there may be a limit to the number of windows you can install. 

Soundproofing Now that you know the requirements for safe housing, it's time to consider soundproofing. Whether a family member or strangers will be living in the apartment, you need to maintain your privacy. There are a ton of options on the market. Talk to your contractor as soon as possible to find out what options are available to you based on your needs. This way, they will find the right solution and be able to implement it before closing the drywall and ceiling.  Should You Rent Out Your Home Or Convert Your House Or Something Else?  Now that you are aware of the steps to take to transform your basement into an apartment, you need to decide on its vocation. Here are some popular possibilities.

Renting The Unit  Investment is often referred to when referring to basement housing. Why is it called an investment? Well, even though the cost of converting a basement into a dwelling can be quite high, the money invested will pay for itself in the long term with the monthly payments of the tenant and will generate additional income. Thus you can get a return of your investment. 

For Your Family Another idea to use this accommodation is to welcome your parents or your children who have become adults. This will allow you to maintain your privacy while keeping your family close. Although in the short term this situation is not as profitable from a financial point of view, the basement apartment will still give value to the house on resale. 

Keeping The Apartment For Your Personal Use Just because it is an apartment for your basement does not mean it has to be dark and uninteresting. With children leaving the family zones, some homeowners find themselves with too much space and decide to live in the new apartment in the basement. This way, they can rent the top of the house for a higher amount and increase their profit. The same scenario can apply to a young couple who buy their first property and want to pay their mortgage faster. No matter what your situation is, think about how you will use it before you plan - you may be able to personalize the space a little more by knowing that you will be living in it!

Basement Apartment Design Ideas Can't wait to get started? To design your basement apartment, you need to work with colours, lights and creativity. Keep in mind that if you are renting, a neutral choice of materials and a versatile colour palette is ideal to appeal to a larger pool of potential tenants. They will then be able to customize the space to their taste with decorative elements when they take possession. You must work on lights depending on the necessity of tenants if you are going to rent it. In addition, if you have a plan to use this basement apartment for you, do plan about lightening according to your necessity. There are a variety of things that you need to consider from the wall texture to the size of this apartment. You can plan for a one-bedroom apartment or you can set up more bedrooms. You can include adult game zone and a gym. You can also add a living room. Many more! Just consider your necessity.

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